LG Promotes Its New 4K Monitors for the Health Sector

LG continues to advance in technological innovation and is now established as a provider in the healthcare field. With its new LG 4K monitor, pioneers in offering this resolution in the market, making the best devices available to health professionals.

LG Promotes Its New 4K Monitors for the Health Sector
LG Promotes Its New 4K Monitors for the Health Sector

The line of multimedia solutions that LG 4K monitors offer to health professionals not only improves daily work in the health field, but also gives patients the assurance that they are being treated with the latest technological innovations. The company, which has already begun its foray into this area with the launch of its first models of monitors for the surgical field in 2016, now has 4K monitors that offer health professionals ultra-high definition images that make it possible to perform extremely rigorous diagnosis. Proof of this is that recently LG has reached an agreement with the Endoscopic Center for Women in Madrid to provide them with the most advanced multimedia technology.

LG is the only company that currently has on the market with 4K monitors equipped with IPS technology, which improves the quality of the image. Given the importance of visualization of the images when making a diagnosis, these monitors have a rigorous calibration with backlight stabilization, for stable luminance levels, in addition to adapting the lighting conditions in the operating room and correcting the scale of gray. They incorporate the Flicker Safe that protects the eyes of the users of ocular fatigue, so that the health professional is in the best possible conditions to carry out their work.

In addition, LG 4K monitor has IPX2 and IP35 levels that protect against spills and fluids, and biomedical images, as well as related information, are compatible with DIRCOM, providing images in the necessary standard for compatibility with the exchange protocol doctor.

Technological innovation in the area of ​​health is gaining more and more weight within the company. According to Francisco Ramirez, CEO of B2B, one of the reasons for this new path of research and technical development of the brand lies in the social impact that innovation has in this field. “We believe that the area of ​​health is essential for the welfare of society,” he says. “The progress of medicine and science involves providing health professionals with the most advanced technology in clinical practice so that they can offer patients the most rigorous diagnoses, and that they obtain the most appropriate treatments and the best results in the interventions “.

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