Xiaomi Mi 9 – Fastest Smartphone in the World

The Xiaomi Mi 9 is currently the fastest smartphone in the world, but costs little more than a third of Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus. This is an impressive challenge to Apple, Huawei, Samsung & Co., which are turning their price screws on and on. The Chinese are exactly against this dubious trend and deliver by the way the price-performance cracker par excellence. There is only one disadvantage: a memory card slot is missing.

Xiaomi Mi 9
Xiaomi Mi 9

Xiaomi Mi 9: Design mirror for fat fingers

The Mi 9 looks very similar to the Huawei P20 Pro, has a nearly identical camera arrangement and shines with a noble glass back, which shimmers differently depending on the light. The tested black version has – unlike the purple and blue color variant – no spectacular shimmer effect and on top of a huge disadvantage: As beautiful as the black-gray mirror look may look, without the enclosed case you should better not even the phone into the hand to take.

Rarely have we had a mobile phone in our hands, which was beautiful at the same time but design-wise extremely unfit for everyday use. At the camera Xiaomi has missed its design and artistic value. The lens protrudes visibly out of the case and lets the device get into a serious imbalance. That should have been solved better! The rest of the processing of the amazingly thin Xiaomi Mi 9 (157.5×74.7×7.6 millimeters at 174 grams) looks very high quality with the chic metal frame.

Xiaomi Mi 9: Display – AMOLED with Notch

High quality is also the thanks Gorilla Glass 6 resistant screen, which brings it to huge 6.4 inches. The resolution is still sharp enough with Full HD Plus, 403 pixels per inch (PPI) are completely sufficient. However, the same size S10 Plus with 522 PPI is a bit sharper, regulated to save battery but on a similar resolution. For the Xiaomi can convince thanks to the great AMOLED panel in contrast and colors. It is also particularly bright: In the duel with the Spanish midday sun, it was easy, content was still easy to read. The 20-megapixel front camera hides the Chinese in a notch in the center, but quite discreetly. As with the S10 Plus, a finger scanner also sits under the display of the Mi 9.

Xiaomi Mi 9: Hardware – the fastest mobile phone in the world

Under the hood unfolds the actual beauty of the Xiaomi Mi 9. The China Phone is the first smartphone ever with the new Snapdragon 855 from Qualcomm. The super processor (1×2.84 + 3×2.42 + 4×1.8 gigahertz) comes in the Antutu benchmark test to incredible 369,463 points – so fast was no mobile phone! Even Samsung’s S10 Plus has a lot to beat (332.048 points), at least in this country. Because in Asia, the 1,250-euro phone unfairly uses the Qualcomm chip. Of course, such computing games, in the end, are no more than noise and smoke in everyday life, but they show that the Mi 9 copes with any task with flying colors.

In addition, there are 6 gigabytes (GB) of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, which cannot annoyingly (!) Expand by microSD. This is completely incomprehensible and too short for today’s demands. Who carries along a lot of multimedia content or is stuck in the religious war with the cloud should rather spend 50 euros more for the otherwise identical 128 GB version. Weak consolation: After all, there’s dual SIM. The battery convinces in practice test. With intensive use, the 3,300-millimeter-long power source made it through the day with ease, landing in the battery benchmark with Geekbench 4 (6,334 points) ahead of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9. The fact that the Chinese can innovate despite the dumping price is shown by the wireless shop: As the first smartphone, the Mi 9 can absorb up to 20 watts by induction.

Xiaomi Mi 9: Outstanding 48 Megapixel Camera

The Mi 9 comes with a triple camera system – for such a low price, this is anything but a matter of course. The Tripple is made up of a 48-megapixel (MP) camera, a 16-MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a dual zoom (12 MP) telephoto lens. The results are excellent despite the lack of optical image stabilizer during the day. The photos convince with natural colors and a high degree of detail with low noise.

When it gets dark, the night mode gets out of the already good trio again amazingly out. There were never any better photos for this price! Just look at the two tweets with sample images by yourself. Technique gimmicks such as Bokeh photos, a now common professional mode with more settings, slow motion (maximum 960 frames per second in HD) and a scene recognition using artificial intelligence around the strong photo package.

All smartphone users who value an extravagant design have known about the Mi Mix series from Xiaomi for years. With the latest model Mi 9, however, the Chinese manufacturer is pushing it to the top in design terms.

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